The Goldman Team

Determining Value:

As listing agents, our job is to provide you with an extensive and accurate Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). Our CMA factors in similar homes in your neighbourhood that have recently sold and are currently on the market. This allows us to advise you in making an informed decision regarding the value of your home. Further, we will utilize our Comparable Market Analysis in determining the asking price of your home.


Five Important Facts to Remember About Pricing:

  1. The seller sets the price of the home, but the buyer ultimately determines the value
  2. A property priced at market value sells faster and at a higher price
  3. A buyer is more inclined to make a full price offer on a home that is listed at fair market value
  4. Conversely, a buyer is more apt to make a low offer on a home when it is prices above market value
  5. An overpriced home has fewer showings, receives lower offers, and takes longer to sell (it also contributes to the sales of other properties in the neighbourhood)