The Goldman Team

Facts You Should Know About Using a Realtor to Find a Rental Property:

  1. It doesn’t cost you anything – the tenant does not pay any commission to the real estate agents involved in the transaction. The landlord is responsible for paying the commission as per the MLS listing.
  2. Save time and find units faster. Our team filters through hundreds of listings and allows you to see multiple units in one visit.
  3. Access to hundreds of MLS listings to help you find the perfect rental property with a credible landlord.
  4. Professional and full-time real estate agents that will take care of every aspect of the leasing process, such as: booking showings; preparing lease documents; reviewing lease agreements to ensure that your interests are covered; negotiating the right price and move-in date; and finalizing a legally binding lease agreement.
  5. We have built a database of ironclad lease clauses that protect your interests in a legally binding lease agreement.
  6. Should you require a co-signer agreement, we have all of the documentation ready.