The Goldman Team

City of Toronto Proposes Ban on Short Term Rentals in Non-Primary Residences

14 June 2017
Cathy Goldman

The City of Toronto’s Municipal Licensing and Standards department released a report outlining a number of proposals affecting both individuals and companies that offer short-term rentals. First and foremost, the report proposes banning people from entering into short-term rentals if the property is not their primary residence. This includes properties listed on the popular short-term rental website Airbnb.

Market Update May 2017: Number of Active Listings Increase

05 June 2017
Cathy Goldman

The number of properties available for sale (active listings), increased by 42.9% in May, year-over-year. It should be noted that the lowest level of active listings in the last 15 years was recorded in May 2016. Furthermore, the number of active listings in May 2017 remained below the average and peak figures over the previous 15 years. The increase was driven by more detached and semi-detached homes and townhomes being listing. The number of active listings in the condo market decreased, year-over-year.